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Meet the Characters!

Miu Miu

Hello! My name is Miu Miu! I am excited that you are joining me on this fantastic feline journey. I hope that we can become great friends! I live in Miami Beach with my human and my best friend Tig. I love to eat, explore and take long naps.

“Miu, Miu, Miu”

“What’s a Miu to do?”

“Miu, Miu, Miu…”

“What can I do?”

“I can do anything that I set my mind to!”

​Tigre el Grande! 

Hola mis amigos! Mi nombre es Tigre! Miu es mi mejor amigo. I can't wait to meet you and hope that we will be amigos too! Wouldn't that just be purrfect? 

“Aye Muchacho! Where have you been all of your life?” Tig explained,  “That my little amigo are some of the tastiest treats I have ever had and they are called Empanadas!”


The Book: A  Little More Info!


What exactly is this project, what are you trying to accomplish and what are the ultimate goals? You may be asking all of these questions and I will answer! 






“Miu Over Miami” isn’t simply a book, but is the 1st book in a picture book series that I have created for young children from 3 to 8 years of age. Miu was my cat that I rescued off the streets of Miami as a tiny kitten. Through our time together Miu  genuinely inspired me with a superfluous supply of material with his unique personality traits and hilarious house cat antics. The goal is to write and publish a series featuring Miu and Tigre’s adventures while featuring vocabulary words from the Spanish language. With a deep love for writing, animals and children this series will shine through to children and parents alike. The intention is not to write another children’s book series featuring animals, but to truly captivate and engage people with vividly appealing stories set within unique environments, deliver thought provoking messages and encourage children to begin learning basic vocabulary for a second language. 









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